Golf Laser Rangefinder Product Comparion – Bushnell vs. Callaway Nikon

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 with slope

Bushnell has a 90% share of the marketplace in golf rangefinders and with excellent factor – the high quality and precision of their products is popular.

Released in 2006, the PinSeeker 1500 w/slope takes basically every one of the guesswork out of the game of golf. In the incline setting, this rangefinder will not just inform you the distance to an object, but exactly how your shot will play.

As an example, if you are on a 150 lawn the same level three as well as it is uphill, this rangefinder will inform you, “Hey, it’s 150 lawns to the eco-friendly, but because it is uphill, it is going to play more like 165 – so use even more club, you dummy!” Well, the incline won’t disrespect you like that, however you understand!

With a number of scan settings as well as totally, multi covered optics, you will conveniently be able to judge the distance to any things on the training course – at a series of to 1,500 lawns (that is practically a mile – adequate power also for John Daly!). The only failure of the incline variation is that is not legal for USGA event play.

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament Edition

This is the rangefinder that 90% of PGA Tour Pro’s use. The reason why? This variation is lawful for event play and also is still the very best rangefinder on the marketplace for it’s rate.

It includes numerous check modes, multi covered optics, and also a 1,500 yard variety. The only distinction between the tournament as well as slope variation is that the event version does not have slope (and therefore is legal for event play.

Bushnell PinSeeker Medalist

The Medalist is brand-new for 2007 and is likewise lawful for competition play. It employs the same PinSeeker technology as the 1500 for much better shot production and also training course monitoring on any kind of training course, to basically any kind of things anywhere, whenever of day. We like the Medalist over the 1500 since at $299.95 it is inexpensive and also is smaller sized than either of the 1500’s. Functions both PinSeeker and also check settings and also has a variety of as much as 1,000 backyards.

Callaway LR 1200

The Callaway (made by Nikon) LR 1200 Rangefinder is the front runner version of the Callaway schedule. It supplies fast and exact range dimension approximately 1,200 yards, and also features what Callaway calls “First Target Priority Mode”. Target Priority setting presents the array to the local target amongst multiple outcomes acquired with a single dimension – helpful when determining the range to a pin on an eco-friendly with timbers in the history. The LR 1200 features an LCD show with backlight – something the Bushnell rangefinders do not.

Callaway LR 800

The Callaway (by Nikon) LR 800 Rangefinder gives quick and also accurate range measurement as much as 800 yards as well as likewise features First Target Technology. Variety is up to 800 yards and also the LR 800 also includes an LCD show with backlight.

Visit this site to see a full item contrast of all Bushnell as well as Callaway/Nikon products.

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This is the rangefinder that 90% of PGA Tour Pro’s use. This variation is legal for competition play and also is still the best rangefinder on the market for it’s price.

The Callaway (made by Nikon) LR 1200 Rangefinder is the flagship model of the Callaway lineup. It provides quick and also accurate distance measurement up to 1,200 lawns, as well as includes what Callaway calls “First Target Priority Mode”. The LR 1200 features an LCD present with backlight – something the Bushnell rangefinders do not.
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